Working at Grandma's

This is the 24th year for Grandma's Holiday Craft Show. It is hard to believe that many years have gone by. This year we wanted to share more of the process that happens to make the show a success for our customers. We'll keep you up to date each week with what is happening. We look forward having you along for the ride!

2014 A Moment to Reflect

20 Years ago my mom and my grandmother started Grandma's Holiday Craft Show. My grandmother had survived colon cancer and a heart attack. My mom took her to craft shows to keep her active and keep her spirits up now that she had become a survivor. Grandma kept finding things each show should do so my mom said "Why don't we do it then?". Grandma's spunk and mom's creativity launched the show. It was all the talented crafters and artisans that helped us grow. We lost grandma the week before the 8th craft show. This year we lost a crafter that had been part of the show from nearly the beginning. My mom was moved by the impact this crafter had on our family and asked me to post this note.

Dear Customers and Friends,

This year we lost a member of our Craft Show Family, Rochelle.  Rochelle joined our craft show as we were just a hatchling spreading our wings.  She took a chance on us as she was looking for new venues to display her crafts. What an amazing wit, talent and an eye for beauty that she shared with us.  At times Tucker was a fussy baby, Rochelle’s jungle bell tree always did the trick and calmed him.  He would smile as we shook the tree and sang to him. That tree still has a special place in the B and B’s holiday decorations.  It will always be a good memory for us. Rochelle made our craft family better, we can never thank her enough for all that she gave to us. It has been an honor to work with her for more than 19 years. We would like to share our sincere sympathy to Rochelle’s family in their loss. 

In Friendship,

Cindy and George, George and Dani, Tucker and Camdan


2014 From Crafting to Composing

During the 20 years the craft show has been operating, we have worked with a lot of crafters who really have a wide range of skills. They've been bringing us their crafts, and now they're starting to bring us the results of their other talents! One of our crafters is a composer, and she will be bringing CDs of her music to sell along with her crafts. In particular one of her collections of music is of holiday music. We'll be playing that CD during the show. You can listen to her music and purchase a CD for a gift or to get in the holiday spirit!

Also this year, we have not one but two authors coming in to read from their books and sell signed copies to our lucky customers. You might not have expected to find a book signing at a craft show, but it is a craft as well that takes some heart and thought to put together. We are dedicated to showcasing all types of home-made talent. 

2014 Week of September 14th: It Begins.

We've only just started following up with crafters since the beginning of Sept, and the responses are already rolling in! We have about 81 confirmed crafters, and we expect that number to go up to 120 before long. We'll be sending out our regular reminder cards and emails as the craft show gets closer, and we are planning for some special announcements highlighting that it is the craft show's 20th anniversary this year!

We are also planning to make some updates to the website in order to feature the crafters and their work. In the past, our front page has listed examples of some of the unique items that can be found at Grandma's Holiday Craft Show. Our hope is to turn that list into clickable links so you can see examples of all the wonderful types of crafts we have to offer.

2014 Just another anniversary

Grandma's Holiday Craft Show is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year. We say anniversary with purpose, because we have spent the past 20 years in beautiful partnership with our crafters. 20 years of working together and growing together. 20 years showcasing homemade talent. My mom and grandmother were going to craft shows in the early 1990's. Grandma kept finding things each show should do so my mom said "Why don't we do it then?". My Grandmother had survived a heart attack and colon cancer. What started as an effort to keep Grandma active and get her out of the house turned into an annual event with over 120 crafters, 20,000+ items and thousands of customers. I look back with appreciation for Grandma, for the time my mom invested, and for all the crafters and customers. And I look forward to what future shows will bring.