Picture of the Red Lion B&B in the late summerIt's the calm before the storm. We're getting mentally prepared for the incoming flurry of phone calls, emails, crafters, volunteers, and crafts. Those new to the process still look at the rooms in the b&b and wonder how on earth we are going to display 500+ scarves in one corner of one room, or how we are going to fit 140 crafters' worth of crafts into this house, but the seasoned veterans are already working on a plan and know exactly how to utilize every nook and cranny in the Red Lion Bed and Breakfast.  So, just like in the 21 years that came before, we are taking a deep breath and getting ready to jump in feet first. 22nd annual Grandma's Holiday Craft Show, here we come!

Crafters have been starting to RSVP over the summer. As we register the newbies and the veterans we can’t help but to reflect on the stories behind the crafts and their creators. Showcasing homemade talent has been our mission for 22 years. So, what’s talent without the inspiration behind it’s creations? Every trinket and piece of art at the craft show has a story, it’s creation stuck somewhere in a space and time neither you nor I were present for. Yet, this fleeting moment is crucial to our enjoyment of the craft show and it’s our job to get this story to you.

When we survey our vendors so many of them say they love to create! Some of them have very personal stories describing their start with crafts. Others just so happened to stumble on their craft while others grew up creating the same things they sell at the craft show. As we gear up our focus will be on sharing these stories with you.

If what Ralph Waldo Emerson says is true that “Love of beauty is taste,” and “Creation of beauty is art,” then art is an expression of love. But we all knew that! What craft doesn’t give us this feeling? That’s what makes Grandma’s Holiday Craft Show so SPECIAL. Here we are in the Red Lion Bed and Breakfast surrounded by tons of crafts ultimately to connect with at least one token of love!