During the 20 years the craft show has been operating, we have worked with a lot of crafters who really have a wide range of skills. They've been bringing us their crafts, and now they're starting to bring us the results of their other talents! One of our crafters is a composer, and she will be bringing CDs of her music to sell along with her crafts. In particular one of her collections of music is of holiday music. We'll be playing that CD during the show. You can listen to her music and purchase a CD for a gift or to get in the holiday spirit!

Also this year, we have not one but two authors coming in to read from their books and sell signed copies to our lucky customers. You might not have expected to find a book signing at a craft show, but it is a craft as well that takes some heart and thought to put together. We are dedicated to showcasing all types of home-made talent.