This year, we have not one but two local authors coming in to read from their books and sell signed copies to our lucky customers. You might not have expected to find a book signing at a craft show, but we at are dedicated to supporting and growing all types of talent - including painting, sewing, knitting, crochet, wood working, pottery, photography, baking and working with food, and assembly of all kinds of crafts like jewelry, ornaments, arrangements, potpourri, candles, soaps, air fresheners. We have crafters repurposing furniture, painting on any material they can find, and creating tables full of primitive and country home decor items and gifts. 

Both books are available for sale throughout the show. On November 16th Holly Metzger was at the show. On December 6th Todd McClimans will be be at the show from 12pm - 3pm to read excerpts from his book and sign copies of his book. You can bring in a book that you bought previously at the show to have it signed.

Time Traitor
Have you ever wished you could go back in time?  Where would you go?  What would you see?  What if you had the power to alter history, to manipulate events and make yourself rich, famous, or powerful? To Kristi Connors, history is nothing but a bunch of crusty old names and dusty books. Ty Jordan just wants to be left alone, to disappear into the pages of his books. But when Kristi and Ty discover Dr. Arnold has invented a working time machine, everything changes. 

This book creates a fun way to explore moments in children's sports. Offering diverse characters, creative ideas, a captivating story line and unique delivery of message it enhances learning and communication amount adult and child. It provides well thought-out discussion questions regarding characters to help a child understand his or her experiences and feelings. It has a sport specific activity page with exercises to increase skills, vocabulary and body awareness.