By showcasing homemade talent we have helped many of our crafters and artisans grow and reach more customers. So it is not surprising that we also are constantly growing and constantly improving. After 22 years, we have expanded in many ways. And this year, we are excited to unveil a host of new crafts, new vendors, and new helpers! We have new people joining the craft show family and some people we are saying goodbye to.  There are quite a few updates for 2016.

We are welcoming 34 new crafters this year so far! We’ve asked our crafters why they decided to participate in this year’s craft show and we can’t wait to tell you what they said. This year we will be posting a lot more giving everyone the chance to get a look behind the scenes of the craft show. After 22 years, you can imagine how much we’ve gotten to know our crafters and artisans. One of our goals this year is to get their stories out there to you.

This year we are saying goodbye to Pauline. She will no longer be at the cash register as her own business, York Music Therapy, is growing tremendously. We want to thank and congratulate Pauline! Check out York Music Therapy online! While we say goodbye to Pauline, we want to welcome Dawn as our helper for this year’s craft show. 

Dawn is a creative individual who has many artistic pursuits. These include painting, writing, playing the piano, and taking photographs with her polaroid camera. She graduated from Clarion University with her Bachelor's of Science with a concentration in Library Science. After using her degree for several years, Dawn decided to pursue her passion and love of dance. She is currently working on starting her own business and honing her skills as an integrative dancer. When not dancing, you can find Dawn immersing herself in nature, hanging with her cats or her people friends, or sipping some tea with a good book in her hands. She looks forward to seeing everyone at the craft show and is excited to see other artistic people's creations!

The Holiday and Craft tour on 11/26 has added 50% more businesses who will participating in Small Business Saturday (the Saturday after Thanksgiving). On Small Business Saturday, participating businesses have extended hours and specials. Many participating businesses have door prizes as well! We will post all participating businesses closer to the date on our social media accounts. So, be sure to stay connected and like us Facebook!

Last but not least, this year we are excited to announce online sales! We are going to be selling select crafts online, so be sure to watch our Facebook page and web site to be a part of our exclusive online shopping community!