Working at Grandma's

This is the 24th year for Grandma's Holiday Craft Show. It is hard to believe that many years have gone by. This year we wanted to share more of the process that happens to make the show a success for our customers. We'll keep you up to date each week with what is happening. We look forward having you along for the ride!

2016 Books and Local Authors

Todd McCliman's first book cover in the Time Traitor seriesThis year, we have four local authors selling their books in the show. You might not have expected to find a book signing at a craft show, but we are dedicated to supporting and growing all types of talent - including painting, sculpting, sewing, knitting, crochet, wood working, pottery, photography, baking and working with food, and creation of all kinds of crafts like jewelry, ornaments, arrangements, potpourri, candles, soaps, and lotions. We have crafters re-purposing furniture, painting on any material they can find, and creating tables full of primitive and country home decor items and gifts. All the books are available for sale throughout the show.  
In addition to the wonderful items and books, on December 3rd from 12pm to 2pm stop by to meet authors Page Mason, Donna Ferguson, and Ryan Griffin and have them sign their books. On Saturday December 10th Todd McClimans will be be at the show from 12pm - 2pm to sign copies of his book. You can bring in a book that you bought previously at the show to have it signed. This is a great chance to meet these talented local individuals and learn about their experience. 

Book Summaries

Tagalong Turtle book cover by Donna FergusonTagalong Turtle is a fiction story about a loggerhead turtle whose one goal is to reach the ocean. The second half of the book contains facts about loggerhead sea turtles and photos Donna Ferguson took at a daytime hatching.
Autumn Shadows combines classic rhyme schemes with nuances of dark yet clever, nostalgic, and sometimes ironic poetry, Ryan Griffin masterfully weaves tales of childhood wonder, lost love, and the things that go bump in the night! Not since Edgar Allan Poe has an author captured the mystery and macabre that lies so deep within all of us.
Time Traitor series Have you ever wished you could go back in time? Where would you go? What would you see?  What if you had the power to alter history, to manipulate events and make yourself rich, famous, or powerful? Follow main characters Kristi and Ty on journey through time as author Todd McClimons weaves tails about life during the revolutionary war and civil war era's.
What Tomorrow Brings is poignant novel, about woman journeys from loss to the chance of love to a tangled web of deception in order to find a new definition of family and inner strength.
How to Publish for Next to Nothing From trim size and cover design to pricing and marketing, Ryan Griffin shows you how to do it all! Get all the tips and tricks from someone who dreamed of publishing his first book for years and struggled with finding a simple and affordable way to do it. 
Rail Trail Kitten and Inside Outside Kitten Inspired by a homeless kitten Donna Ferguson would see on her daily walks on the Heritage Rail Trail, Rail Trail is an interactive story for young children to enjoy!
“Moo” Is Hard To Do is a light-hearted tale by Donna Ferguson of a cat who thinks she is a cow who lives at Perrydell Farm and Dairy.

4 Great Things Happening for the 2016 Show

By showcasing homemade talent we have helped many of our crafters and artisans grow and reach more customers. So it is not surprising that we also are constantly growing and constantly improving. After 22 years, we have expanded in many ways. And this year, we are excited to unveil a host of new crafts, new vendors, and new helpers! We have new people joining the craft show family and some people we are saying goodbye to.  There are quite a few updates for 2016.

We are welcoming 34 new crafters this year so far! We’ve asked our crafters why they decided to participate in this year’s craft show and we can’t wait to tell you what they said. This year we will be posting a lot more giving everyone the chance to get a look behind the scenes of the craft show. After 22 years, you can imagine how much we’ve gotten to know our crafters and artisans. One of our goals this year is to get their stories out there to you.

This year we are saying goodbye to Pauline. She will no longer be at the cash register as her own business, York Music Therapy, is growing tremendously. We want to thank and congratulate Pauline! Check out York Music Therapy online! While we say goodbye to Pauline, we want to welcome Dawn as our helper for this year’s craft show. 

Dawn is a creative individual who has many artistic pursuits. These include painting, writing, playing the piano, and taking photographs with her polaroid camera. She graduated from Clarion University with her Bachelor's of Science with a concentration in Library Science. After using her degree for several years, Dawn decided to pursue her passion and love of dance. She is currently working on starting her own business and honing her skills as an integrative dancer. When not dancing, you can find Dawn immersing herself in nature, hanging with her cats or her people friends, or sipping some tea with a good book in her hands. She looks forward to seeing everyone at the craft show and is excited to see other artistic people's creations!

The Holiday and Craft tour on 11/26 has added 50% more businesses who will participating in Small Business Saturday (the Saturday after Thanksgiving). On Small Business Saturday, participating businesses have extended hours and specials. Many participating businesses have door prizes as well! We will post all participating businesses closer to the date on our social media accounts. So, be sure to stay connected and like us Facebook!

Last but not least, this year we are excited to announce online sales! We are going to be selling select crafts online, so be sure to watch our Facebook page and web site to be a part of our exclusive online shopping community!

2014 Thanks for another great year!

We wanted to take a moment and thank all our customers for stopping by and all the crafters for participating in the 2014 show. We had record attendance this year! Lots of new customers along with our many past customers. It is great seeing faces each year and after 20 years we have gotten to know many customers by name. We thoroughly enjoy doing the craft show and appreciate the community that has grown out of it. We'll be looking forward to your visit next year!

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And when you are in Red Lion check out our other business - the Red Brick Bakery & Tea Room.

There are some new things stirring at the Bakery. On New Years Eve we'll be open and have live music as part of the Red Lion community's New Years activities. The music will be in the unit next to the bakery...that we will be expanding into. The activities start at 7pm. Come for some warm drinks, good food and to see what is going down at the Red Brick!

If you can't make it New Year's Eve...start a new tradition, have afternoon tea on New Year's Day with Chef Dani at the Red Brick Bakery. We had a great afternoon last year with several customers who called and asked us to be open. We thought we could do that again and invite everyone. Starting January 1st (so including afternoon tea on New Year's Day) until February 1st when you bring a friend to tea you get 1/2 off for your friend! You just need to mention you saw this post when you make your reservation to get the discount. Call 717-332-7427 to reserve your spot for tea or complete our online form. You can use coupon code CRAFTSHOW on the form!

Thank you for being a part of our craft show family!



2016 Getting Geared Up

Picture of the Red Lion B&B in the late summerIt's the calm before the storm. We're getting mentally prepared for the incoming flurry of phone calls, emails, crafters, volunteers, and crafts. Those new to the process still look at the rooms in the b&b and wonder how on earth we are going to display 500+ scarves in one corner of one room, or how we are going to fit 140 crafters' worth of crafts into this house, but the seasoned veterans are already working on a plan and know exactly how to utilize every nook and cranny in the Red Lion Bed and Breakfast.  So, just like in the 21 years that came before, we are taking a deep breath and getting ready to jump in feet first. 22nd annual Grandma's Holiday Craft Show, here we come!

Crafters have been starting to RSVP over the summer. As we register the newbies and the veterans we can’t help but to reflect on the stories behind the crafts and their creators. Showcasing homemade talent has been our mission for 22 years. So, what’s talent without the inspiration behind it’s creations? Every trinket and piece of art at the craft show has a story, it’s creation stuck somewhere in a space and time neither you nor I were present for. Yet, this fleeting moment is crucial to our enjoyment of the craft show and it’s our job to get this story to you.

When we survey our vendors so many of them say they love to create! Some of them have very personal stories describing their start with crafts. Others just so happened to stumble on their craft while others grew up creating the same things they sell at the craft show. As we gear up our focus will be on sharing these stories with you.

If what Ralph Waldo Emerson says is true that “Love of beauty is taste,” and “Creation of beauty is art,” then art is an expression of love. But we all knew that! What craft doesn’t give us this feeling? That’s what makes Grandma’s Holiday Craft Show so SPECIAL. Here we are in the Red Lion Bed and Breakfast surrounded by tons of crafts ultimately to connect with at least one token of love!

2014 Book Signings and Book Readings

This year, we have not one but two local authors coming in to read from their books and sell signed copies to our lucky customers. You might not have expected to find a book signing at a craft show, but we at are dedicated to supporting and growing all types of talent - including painting, sewing, knitting, crochet, wood working, pottery, photography, baking and working with food, and assembly of all kinds of crafts like jewelry, ornaments, arrangements, potpourri, candles, soaps, air fresheners. We have crafters repurposing furniture, painting on any material they can find, and creating tables full of primitive and country home decor items and gifts. 

Both books are available for sale throughout the show. On November 16th Holly Metzger was at the show. On December 6th Todd McClimans will be be at the show from 12pm - 3pm to read excerpts from his book and sign copies of his book. You can bring in a book that you bought previously at the show to have it signed.

Time Traitor
Have you ever wished you could go back in time?  Where would you go?  What would you see?  What if you had the power to alter history, to manipulate events and make yourself rich, famous, or powerful? To Kristi Connors, history is nothing but a bunch of crusty old names and dusty books. Ty Jordan just wants to be left alone, to disappear into the pages of his books. But when Kristi and Ty discover Dr. Arnold has invented a working time machine, everything changes. 

This book creates a fun way to explore moments in children's sports. Offering diverse characters, creative ideas, a captivating story line and unique delivery of message it enhances learning and communication amount adult and child. It provides well thought-out discussion questions regarding characters to help a child understand his or her experiences and feelings. It has a sport specific activity page with exercises to increase skills, vocabulary and body awareness.